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El Segundo Business Lawyers McCluskey & Montgomery LLP

El Segundo Business Attorneys at McCluskey & Montgomery LLP offer intelligent, skilled legal representation for businesses in El Segundo, in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, and throughout Southern California. Highly knowledgeable Business Litigation Attorneys and Business Torts Lawyers, McCluskey & Montgomery LLP have extensive experience handling business litigation, business torts, construction litigation, contract disputes, insurance defense, retail liability, and personal injury matters.

At McCluskey & Montgomery, our business attorneys have over 85 years of combined experience and are prepared to take on any legal issue facing your company. Whether through settlement negotiations, mediation, or litigation, our skilled El Segundo Business Lawyers work diligently with each client to proficiently and effectively resolve their legal disputes.

Please call Business Attorneys Kevin McCluskey and Michael Montgomery at (310) 396-3411 to schedule your appointment with one of Los Angeles’ premier Business Law Firms. If a lawsuit has been filed against your business, or if your business is preparing to sue another, our Business Lawyers will discuss the situation with you in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the legal needs of your business. We are committed to working aggressively in order to protect and preserve each of your business interests, especially in cases where litigation seems to be forthcoming. Our business attorneys will take care of your legal matters so you are able to concentrate on the operations of your business.

As an experienced business law firm in this area, we devote our time to ensuring that executives and business owners receive personalized legal services. At McCluskey & Montgomery LLP, our El Segundo Business Lawyers address all client email and telephone communications promptly. We keep clients updated on the status of their legal matters.

Business Law Cases in El Segundo, California

With a proven record of success, our skilled business attorneys advise, mediate, settle, and litigate cases for business clients. Our El Segundo Business Law Lawyers proudly provide efficient and effective counsel, legal representation, and business consulting services in a wide range of business law matters, including:

Business Litigation

In any business controversy, our Business Litigation Attorneys provide vigorous legal representation. These matters may include: fraud, any breach of fiduciary duty, alter ego, owner/partnership disputes, covenants not to compete (NCC), and enforcement of any non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The experienced Business Litigation Lawyers at McCluskey & Montgomery LLP safeguard the interests of El Segundo businesses.

Business Torts

Call our El Segundo Business Torts Attorneys for intelligent, vigorous legal counsel in business-related cases concerning fraud, false advertising, business defamation, misrepresentation, tortious breach of contract, and intentional interference with existing or prospective business contracts. Contact our skilled Business Torts Lawyers if you are facing accusations of committing a business tort, or if your business was the victim of tortious conduct.

Construction Litigation

In complex construction disputes, our Construction Litigation Attorneys and Business Law Attorneys offer representation to firms involved in a variety of litigation matters, including construction defect litigation, warranty claim, any dispute between subcontractors and contractors, and any post-warranty lawsuit. Call (310) 396-3411 and learn the many ways our Construction Litigation Lawyers can put their skills into action on your case.

Contract Disputes

Our Contract Dispute Attorneys offer knowledgeable representation to businesses that are currently involved in any contract dispute. It is vital for you to consult with a business law firm that has over 85 years of combined business law experience in the El Segundo area. Our Contract Dispute Lawyers will seek to resolve the matter through settlement negotiations or mediation. If success is not achieved, we will not hesitate to vigorously litigate the matter in court.

Insurance Defense

As skilled Insurance Defense Lawyers, McCluskey & Montgomery LLP represent policyholders, administrators, and insurance companies in any insurance defense matter. This includes a defense of insurance companies and their policyholders in disputes concerning transportation accidents, premises liability, and medical care. Our experienced Insurance Defense Attorneys zealously work at protecting the best interests of an insurance company, along with the insured clients, in matters involving exaggerated, frivolous claims. Our El Segundo Business Law Attorneys have earned an excellent reputation in this field.

Retail Liability

As skilled Retail Liability Attorneys, we vigorously defend retail companies that are facing litigation involving personal injury issues, premises liability matters, and contract disputes. We also effectively represent clients with a valid indemnification claim. Our seasoned Retail Liability Lawyers provide high quality representation that focuses on preserving each business’ financial integrity along with their reputation in the community.

McCluskey & Montgomery LLP also provide Personal Injury legal services for business clients. Call our Personal Injury Attorneys if you are being sued for a “trip and fall” or “slip and fall” accident or any injury arising from an allegedly hazardous condition, such as inadequate warnings or products liability.

Contact a Skilled El Segundo Business Lawyer for a Consultation

Please call our experienced El Segundo Business Lawyers today at (310) 396-3411. We invite you to arrange an appointment to discuss your situation at one of this area’s top Business Law Firms.

El Segundo Business Law Lawyers Kevin McCluskey and Michael Montgomery are proud to represent all sizes of businesses throughout Southern California. Our seasoned Business Attorneys are committed to offering the highest quality of legal representation.

If you are looking to file suit in order to protect your interests and that of your business, or if your business presently is involved in a complex dispute that needs to be resolved, our experienced El Segundo Business Attorneys have the knowledge and skills to ensure that your legal goals and objectives are attained.



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