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Retail Liability Attorneys in Los Angeles

Serving businesses of all sizes in the city of Los Angeles and throughout the county, McCluskey & Montgomery LLP provides aggressive retail liability representation in a vast array of cases, including those brought due to injuries allegedly sustained in the establishment, employee disputes, and contract matters.

At McCluskey & Montgomery LLP, we possess more than 85 years’ combined experience working to preserve the reputations and protect the financial interests of retail businesses.

If your retail company has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit, contact us at (310) 396-3411 to make an appointment for an in-depth consultation. We will thoroughly review your legal matter, discuss your objectives, and provide an up-front case analysis.

Skilled negotiators and mediators, we will make every reasonable effort to resolve your dispute via settlement negotiations or mediation. However, if the other party is reluctant to engage in the process or is making frivolous or outrageous demands, our experienced Los Angeles Retail Liability Attorneys will vigorously litigate your case in court.

Los Angeles Retail Liability Lawyers McCluskey & Montgomery LLP

Attorneys at McCluskey & Montgomery LLP have considerable experience successfully defending retail establishments and “big box” companies against a wide variety of claims, including but not limited to those based on the following:

  • Premises Liability – Knowledgeable legal counsel in actions resulting from alleged injuries to patrons while in the establishment, such as slip & fall, trip & fall, uneven flooring, and falling objects. Additionally, we also represent insurance carriers and their retail policyholders in personal injury claims filed against the retailer.
  • Contract Disputes – Breach of contract matters with vendors, distributors or other business associates.
  • Employment Disputes – Representation in a broad range of actions brought by employees against their retail employer.

Los Angeles Retail Liability Attorneys at McCluskey & Montgomery LLP strive to educate our clients regarding their legal position, and provide a realistic assessment so they can make intelligent decisions that will impact their case.

Martindale-Hubbell AV Rated Preeminent Lawyers, Attorneys at McCluskey & Montgomery LLP have earned a reputation for excellence among their peers and within the local legal community. We are devoted to ensuring that your business is not adversely affected by frivolous claims, contractual disputes, and lawsuits brought by disgruntled employees.

At McCluskey & Montgomery LLP, we are proud to provide highly attentive legal representation. We will address all client communications swiftly, and always keep our clients apprised as to the status of their case. When you retain our Los Angeles Retail Liability Attorneys, you can trust us to handle your legal issues effectively and efficiently so you can focus on overseeing the day to day operations of your business.

Contact Los Angeles Retail Liability Attorneys for a Consultation

If your retail business is involved in a legal dispute, it is vital that you retain highly experienced lawyers who will obtain a complete understanding of your objectives, and will utilize that information in an effort to ensure that your goals are met.

Please contact our Los Angeles Retail Liability Law Firm at (310) 396-3411 to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our seasoned and knowledgeable attorneys.

Conveniently located in the Westchester section of L.A., we proudly represent retail establishments throughout all of Los Angeles County and the surrounding communities.



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