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Westchester Business Lawyers McCluskey & Montgomery LLP

As Business Attorneys serving clients in Westchester, McCluskey & Montgomery LLP is skilled at providing intelligent representation in business and business litigation matters throughout the Southern California region. Our Business Litigation Lawyers and Business Torts Attorneys have a proven record of success mediating, advising, settling, and litigating matters on behalf of clients in a wide range of business issues.

McCluskey & Montgomery LLP is prepared to preserve and protect the interests of your business, taking care of the legal details so your focus can return to running your business successfully. Our Westchester Business Attorneys work closely with each client to effectively resolve the legal disputes. Regardless of the issue, our skilled Business Lawyers will take legal action through settlement negotiation, mediation, or litigation with our combined five decades of experience.

Call Westchester Business Lawyers Michael Montgomery and Kevin McCluskey (310) 396-3411 and arrange for a consultation with a Westchester premier Business Law Firm. Is your company suing another business, or is your business being sued? The first step is to allow our Business Lawyers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the matter and work with you to develop a proficient plan of action to resolve the matters.

McCluskey & Montgomery LLP delivers personalized legal services to business owners and promptly addresses and replies to client communication, keeping clients informed and updated on case progress.

Westchester, California Business Litigation

McCluskey & Montgomery LLP offers highly efficient legal advice, counsel, consulting services, and legal representation concerning many issues affecting businesses today, including the following areas.

Business Litigation Attorneys

We offer business litigation in any business controversy, including issues involving fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, alter ego, owner/partnership matters, covenants to not compete, and non-disclosure agreement enforcement.

Business Torts Lawyers

When a business suffers harm or is accused of creating economic harm for another business, a Business Torts Attorney is critical in resolving the matters. Business tort cases may involve business fraud, defamation, misrepresentation, false advertising, intentional interference of business contracts, and also tortious breach of any business contract.

Construction Litigation Attorneys

Representing firms in complicated construction litigation, McCluskey & Montgomery LLP offers experienced, knowledgeable Construction Litigation Lawyers who work vigorously to resolve these issues. Construction litigation cases may include contractor/subcontractor disputes, construction defect litigation, post-warranty lawsuits, and warranty claims.

Contract Disputes Lawyer

If your business is involved in any contract dispute, the skills of an experienced Contract Dispute Attorney can help with protecting the interests of your company. If our attempts to mediate or settle the matter are not favorable for our clients, Westchester Business Attorneys aggressively proceed to litigate the dispute through the courts.

Insurance Defense Attorney

With extensive experience, our Business Lawyers zealously represent clients in insurance defense cases. These may include the defense of insurance companies along with the insured clients who are involved in medical care disputes, premises liability matters, and vehicle/transportation accidents. Our Insurance Defense Lawyers protect clients against exaggerated, frivolous claims.

Retail Liability Lawyers

As skilled Business Attorneys, we vigorously defend retail companies in retail liability cases. We offer a vigorous defense for retailers facing litigation arising from personal injury and premises liability matters, along with resolution in contract disputes. Our seasoned Retail Liability Attorneys focus on the preservation of your company’s reputation in the community and its financial integrity.

The attorneys with McCluskey & Montgomery LLP are also skilled Personal Injury Lawyers who defend business clients in personal injury cases. These matters include cases of a business sued in trip and fall or slip and fall accidents, and injuries stemming from an allegedly hazardous condition, inadequate warning, and products liability issues.

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In all sizes of businesses, our Westchester Business Attorneys have experience achieving the legal goals of our clients, protecting business interests and resolving business disputes.

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